ONA standard AF serie

ONA standard AF serie

ONA standard AF serie

  • Máximum productivity. The ONA AF machines are noted for the high cutting speed (450 mm2/minute with wire of 0.33 mm diameter) and low maintenance costs, thanks to the ecological filtration system, ONA AquaPrima, which does not require replaceable cartridges.
  • Surface integrity 100% preserved. The ONA AF series includes the ONA Easycut generator, which provides a cut that is 100% free from electrolyte corrosion, without affecting the speed, and while preserving the surface integrity of the material being cut  (best surface finish: 0.2 µm Ra – 6 VDI).
  • 6 axes controlled by the CNC. The AF models incorporate the latest generation CNC, ONA-W64, able to control 6 axes, 5 of them (B, X, Y, U, V) at the same time, enabling the machine to incorporate a rotation axis which is totally controlled by the CNC.
  • Great versatility. Also of note is the huge versatility offered by this new family of machines for a large variety of tasks, as they are designed to operate with any type of wire; from 0.1 mm to 0.33 mm diameter.

Teknisk informasjon

X vandring (mm)

Y vandring (mm)

Z vandring (mm)

Tråddiameter (mm)

0,10 – 0,33

Innvendige mål i tank

1060x750x400 (700x650x250)



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